Explosion at NIST building reveals a meth lab…


Police discovered signs of a meth lab in a government building on Saturday after an explosion injured a federal security officer and threw a blast shield 25 feet. The explosion occurred in a small lab at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland, where the Department of Commerce conducts experiments.

The particular lab that exploded wasn’t supposed to be hosting any experiments over the weekend. But NBC Washington sayspseudoephedrine, drain cleaner, and a recipe for meth were all found there, leaving little mystery to what happened. In addition, the officer who was injured had burns on his hands and arms, the type of injuries consistent with a meth cook gone bad. Not coincidentally, the officer resigned on Sunday.

Congress has taken an active interest in the case of the government-housed meth lab. Along with local police and the DEA, the House Science, Space & Technology Committeeis gathering information about the incident. No one has been arrested.


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