CIA’s male and female prostitution escort services…


In a highly revealing new book “Confessions of a DC Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies, and Blackmail,” (Trine Day Publishing) by Henry Vinson with Nick Bryant, the title may lead one to believe that the book is about the late Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the “DC Madam” whose Pamela Martin & Associates escort service ensnared for over a decade a number of DC’s most powerful politicians with Palfrey’s female escorts. However, the memoirs of Vinson, another sort of “Madam” describe how his escort service for DC’s powerful provided young men to satiate the homosexual desires of powerful leaders, including the then-director of the Central Intelligence Agency William Casey. Casey preferred 18-year old male escorts with minimal body hair. Casey would meet the escorts at the former Ritz-Carlton Hotel near DuPont Circle and enjoyed having the young escorts rub oil on his body as he kissed and fondled them. Casey settled on 18-year old prostitutes from Vinson’s service but apparently preferred them younger.

What Palfrey and Vinson had in common is that their escort services were used by the CIA to blackmail targeted politicians and diplomats in Washington, DC and New York. Vinson used his position as the funeral director of the W. W. Chambers funeral home in Washington, DC to provide a corporate cover for his gay escort service, the largest ever discovered to be operating in the nation’s capital. In his book, Vinson writes: “Given my former incarnation as a DC madam, I followed the tribulations, trial, and death of Deborah Jeane Palfrey with intense interest. I marveled at the striking similarities between our cases, and I empathized with her dire circumstances.” Both Palfrey and Vinson were hit multiple federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) act charges, Vinson with 43 counts and Palfrey with 14, in order to squeeze them financially and psychologically. The inaptly-named Justice Department was more interested in protecting the nation’s most powerful politicians than in upholding the law. In Vinson’s case, they included Casey and George H. W. Bush and in Palfrey’s case, Dick Cheney and CIA director Porter Goss. Vinson tends to agree with those who believe Palfrey was murdered in order to ensure her silence. WMR’s investigation of the Palfrey “suicide” supports Vinson’s contention.

Eventually, Vinson’s escort service would count among its “frequent flyers” Representatives Barney Frank (D-MA) and Larry Craig (R-ID). Craig, according to Vinson, preferred the “hairy” or “bear” types. After years of casting votes against gay rights, Craig was arrested in 2007 in a Minneapolis airport toilet stall attempting to solicit sex from an undercover cop. Vinson also became involved with a top gay blackmailer in DC named Craig Spence, a former newsman for ABC. Spence’s parties at his Kalorama Road mansion drew a number of well-known guests, including Senators John Glenn (D-OH) and Frank Murkowski (R-AK), former Attorneys General Elliott Richardson and John Mitchell, former ambassadors Robert Neumann and James Lilly, and media personalities Ted Koppel, Eric Severeid, and William Safire. Casey was also a frequent guest at Spence’s “A-List” soirees.

It was Spence’s and Nebraska Republican African-American leader Larry King’s circles who provided underage teens to powerful politicians for the sole purpose of blackmailing them. Many of the trysts that Spence arranged for DC politicians were secretly filmed by the CIA. One of the frequent customers of Vinson’s escort service was Donald Gregg, a 31-year veteran of the CIA and colleague of William Colby in the Phoenix Program, a political assassination operation in South Vietnam. Gregg was also the national security adviser to Vice President Bush and, according to Spence, it was Gregg who organized the “midnight tours” of the White House for underage male teens, including Congressional pages, that was featured in “above-the-fold” headlines in The Washington Times.

As the Vinson gay escort and Spence/King pedophile scandals, the latter becoming known as the “Franklin scandal,” began to reach into the offices of Bush and Casey, the federal government struck with a vengeance. Spence was arrested on drug charges and later was said to have committed suicide in his room at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston, Vinson was arrested and even his mother was threatened with prosecution, and the U.S. Attorney for DC, Jay Stephens, decided to misuse every federal law on the books to protect Bush, Casey, and the CIA from being named in the shut down of the DC escort service and pedophile network operating out of Nebraska. The Washington Post, the CIA’s always-reliable newspaper, began attacking The Washington Times’s series of stories on the gay escort and pedophile networks.

Vinson also discloses that as early as 1990, after he was facing down a long prison sentence, the Secret Service asked him about an escort named Jeff Gannon. Vinson was surprised to hear the name as he only knew him as person who claimed he was both an escort and a journalist who provided services to senior-level echelons of the Bush 41 White House. On occasion, Vinson saw Gannon at Shooter’s, a gay hangout in DuPont Circle. Gannon later surfaced in the Bush 43 White House as a credentialed reporter who entered the White House on 200 occasions but failed to check out of the executive mansion on 14 days, including one day that there was not even a press conference held. During his trial, Vinson was represented by Greta Van Susteren who managed to convince him to undergo therapy from her Church of Scientology colleagues who said they cleared him of “engrams” but not of the up to 78 months of prison he faced on the trumped up federal charges. Vinson served time at the federal prison in Lorton, Virginia and Morgantown, West Virginia. Van Susteren was more interested in helping the government keep Vinson in prison and out of the limelight than in seeking a minimal sentence for her client. Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard, of course, was an integral part of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program, which used sexual blackmail, in addition to drugs and psychological pressure, on its targets. However, unlike the unfortunate fate of Jeane Palfrey, Vinson lived to tell his story. Vinson was facing federal prosecution in 1990. It was the same year that Palfrey started up her female escort service, with the CIA’s Kyle “Dusty” Foggo being her chief liaison to the agency.

A number of retired CIA officers, who have later written books and gone on the speakers circuit, claimed that because of their jobs, whether analytic or in some specialized niche, they were never aware of the CIA’s seamier side, including running child prostitutes, sex escort blackmail services, and drug rings. The intelligence agencies are no different than any other work place. Employees gossip. It’s human nature. This editor witnessed CIA employees engaged in gossipy whispered conversations in the CIA’s and NSA’s cafeterias. At agency “hale and farewells” and retirement luncheons, where alcohol is a common denominator, the gossip gets even more interesting. At one NSA farewell luncheon, at which a Navy Commander, a former military aide to Vice President Bush, was merely transferring from one element in NSA to another, I was told by the Commander that he was going into a compartment where he could no longer have any contact with his former co-workers. After copious pints of German beer — the farewell party was at a local German restaurant — the Commander then let it slip that is new job was monitoring the communications of senior U.S. government officials, including his old boss, Bush. When former CIA officers claim they never heard of certain indiscretions by the CIA, they are being disingenuous at best and outright liars at worst.


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