US military presence in Central America could spark human rights abuses…


The new deployment of US troops in Central America will open another cycle of mass violations of human rights and atrocities in the region, Mexican daily newspaper La Jornada warned Thursday.

In an article, La Jornada says that in previous years, the deployment of US soldiers in the area had meant an increase in violations committed by the military forces led, trained and funded by the Pentagon and the CIA.

“The presence of the US military contingents have been translated into massacres, mass human rights violations, backing of tyrants and the loss of sovereignty in the affected nations,” said the journal.

La Jornada recalled that many military incursions ended up in occupations or in the formation of “puppet regimes” in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras.

It also warned that the authorities in Washington continue with their colonialist, pro-interference leaning, disrespecting human rights and sovereignty.

La Jornada cited police abuse in the streets of US cities, the torture of prisoners in Guantanamo (Cuba) and Abu Ghraib (Iraq) and the military interventions in Libya and Syria.

The Mexican daily published these reflections after the announcement yesterday that in the next few days, the US Southern Command would be deploying 280 marines in Honduras and in other Central American countries to take part in drills with local security forces under the alleged purpose for the Pentagon to have units available in the area to help face eventual disaster during the hurricane season 2015, on June 1-Nov 30.

According to a communique, 200 troops will be deployed in the US base in Palmerola, some 75 km north of Tegucigalpa, and the rest will be deployed in Belize, El Salvador and Guatemala to accomplish cooperation missions as needed by each country.

However, in the past few months, political activists and social leaders have denounced the maneuvers, describing them as US interference in the internal affairs of those countries and a threat to progressive movements and governments in the area.


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