Gunman in Texas ‘Muhammad Art Exhibit’ attack was monitored by FBI for years…


Federal agents for years monitored one of the two gunmen shot dead after opening fire with assault rifles at a heavily guarded Texas exhibit of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad.

Two law enforcement officials who asked not to be named identified one of the dead shooters as Elton Simpson, under surveillance since 2006 and convicted in 2010 of lying to FBI agents over his desire to join violent jihad in Somalia. The second shooter was identified as Nadir Soofi, a roommate of Simpson, according to two sources close to the investigation…

.. Police and federal agents had planned security for months ahead of the event organised by American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), a free-speech organisation that is also described as a hate group, and that paid $10,000 for extra protection…

.. The court documents say federal authorities began monitoring Simpson in 2006 because he was associated with an individual the FBI believed was trying to set up a terrorist cell in Arizona.

At one point, according to the documents, the FBI tried “unsuccessfully” to put Simpson on a U.S. government no-fly list.

ABC News said officials believed Simpson sent out tweets ahead of the attack, with the last one using the hashtag #texasattack.


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