Free Brazil Movement denies links to CIA…


The national coordinator of the Free Brazil Movement, or Movimento Brasil Livre (MBL), Renan Haas, denied any links or financing by US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in an interview with Sputnik.

A recent article for the Latin-American Information Agency, an online human rights communication platform, written by Brazilian sociologist Theotonio dos Santos, claimed that MBL was funded by the CIA as part of the agency’s “psychological war” in Latin America.

“These allegations that have appeared in certain foreign media cheered us up and entertained us,” Haas told Sputnik, adding that he considered the link-up a “childish denouncement without any foundation.”

According to Haas, MBL is not a rich movement financially, yet it has gathered many contacts in the United States due to its appearance in the international media.

According to MBL’s website, the movement is calling for free and independent press, economic freedom, separation of power and free elections. The group has staged demonstrations in various cities of Brazil.


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