Former US military biochemical weapons specialist arrested on suspicion of carrying dangerous chemicals…


Police say no hazardous materials were found at an Ottawa hotel where a man initially suspected of carrying two dangerous chemicals from Nova Scotia was arrested Wednesday morning.

Nova Scotia RCMP issued an internal communication Tuesday about Christopher Phillips, who lives in the Halifax area, identifying him as a biochemical weapons specialist, who was formerly in the military, with possible mental-health issues and considered “anti-police,” sources confirmed to CBC News. 

A suspicious package containing hazardous chemicals was found Tuesday in the garage of a home in the Halifax suburb of Cole Harbour with suspected links to Phillips.

RCMP also received a call from Phillips’s wife saying he was en route to Ottawa. 

Police believed Phillips might have been carrying two dangerous chemicals to Ottawa:

*Osmium, a precious metal.

*Osmium tetroxide, a highly poisonous and volatile chemical that can penetrate skin easily and should not be handled without a fume hood.

Ottawa police evacuated the Chimo Hotel at 1199 Joseph Cyr St. on Tuesday night and closed off the surrounding roads as a precaution after they received word at about 10:15 p.m. ET of the potential threat posed by Phillips, who had checked into the hotel…


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