US-run propaganda station shut down in Azerbaijan…


Why is an anti-communist relic of the cold war like RFE still in place across Europe and Eurasia? It is admittedly part of their psychological operations project and funded by the CIA. Who would want such a monster broadcasting in their country. The US and Israel has used Azerbaijan as a staging ground for spying on Iran as both countries have common borders and common ancestry. Azerbaijan just is another dictatorial nation in Eurasia and they have their own ‘official’ state run broadcasting stations. US NGO’s have called this move a gag on ‘free media’. RFE is not some mom and pop organization, since the 90’s they have been responsible for assisting various coups throughout Europe. They are not a free media outlet they are a well oiled weapon for the US. I’ve seen some articles from other source that buy their cover story but I do not. What is worse is that many articles written on this use the RFE as its source. Where is the hell is the journalism and the honest perspective? I shouldn’t ask that question because most major news outlets are run by conglomerates that benefit from regime change and war…


Prosecutors in Azerbaijan on Friday raided the offices of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s local service, according to its director who condemned the move as a crackdown on free media in the tightly-controlled Caucasus nation.

Prosecutors searched the offices of US-funded RFE/RL’s local service, Radio Azadliq, “accompanied by armed police, saying they have a court order to shut down the office,” its director Kenan Aliyev told AFP.

“Our equipment and computers are being confiscated. Journalists are being forced out of the office. Our telephone and Internet lines are down,” he said.

“What happens is just part of an overall crackdown on free media in Azerbaijan.”

In recent months, Azerbaijani prosecutors have staged similar raids on other foreign-funded groups, including the Baku offices of the Washington-based National Democratic Institute.


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