Phil Marshall murder proves conspiracy research is a dangerous business…


Phil Marshall’s demise in 2013 is a puzzling case. With Michael Hastings, one could see directly whom he was annoying.

For Mr. Marshall, it is a little cloudy, and it raises the question of how dangerous it is to be a researcher/journalist today. Moreover, it brings up the problems of kooks attaching themselves posthumously to people with more credibility than themselves.

After more than a few years in the game, I have to say the level of danger ultimately depends on the situation, and overall accuracy. In this regard, Marshall’s work on 9/11 would hardly make him a threat to the national security apparatus.

His books, “False Flag 911: How Bush, Cheney, and the Saudis Created the Post 9-11 World” (2008) and “The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror” (2012), outlined his idea of a plot led by Saudi Arabia, and supported by the Bush administration (this is merely a tweak on accusations from others with the Bush administration at front and center). He also linked 9/11 with the BCCI scandal, Iran-Contra, and Blackwater.

However, guys like John Pilger, Will Blum, Mike Ruppert and Dan Hopsicker had covered much of this 9/11 territory.

Marshall recognized Goss, in a photo of Barry Seal in Mexico City, circa January 1963, with Felix Rodriguez. However, it was Hopsicker via Seal’s widow who had already identified Goss and Rodriguez. This is important stuff, nevertheless, he should have stopped there.

Sadly, following Hopsicker’s lead, Marshall began talking bull about the image being an assemblage of the infamous Operation 40 assassination squad who some conspiracy theorists surmise whacked JFK.

I made my bones as a JFK researcher at CTKA, and I cannot tell you how out of context Operation 40 material has become. Furthermore, how inaccurate and flat out stupid the above linkage is. Goss is a prominent figure in Marshall’s work, and he accumulated some interesting stuff on him. However, he also discredited some of his claims against him with this bilge. (3)

Ironically, Hopsicker believes Marshall’s death to be a suicide. (4)

Were I part of the CIA, I wouldn’t be sweating this stuff.

Rather Dangerous

The closer one gets to the real action (rather than reporting on events from afar like me) invariably means one encounters more dangerous people and sensitive activities. Thus, Marshall had been in some very scary situations.

The bloke was an experienced commercial airline pilot and flew numerous missions for the CIA in the Iran-Contra era. He was so involved that one of his associates was the aforementioned Barry Seal.

Using his experiences as a springboard, Marshall wrote his first novel “Lakefront Airport” (2003) based on his time at the facility in the 80s.

Barry Seal died in suspicious circumstances before testifying to congress. You did not cross the people Seal and Marshall worked with; hence, it does not take a genius to figure out the inside gossip he received from his old pals at Lakefront certainly made him vulnerable.

Wayne Madsen is the posthumous champion of Marshall’s legacy. Over time, I have concluded he (Madsen) is more credible than the people whose radio shows he frequents. Hence, Marshall’s memory could have fallen into worse hands.

Madsen does not appear to believe Marshall died for his 9/11 musings. However, he believes the information Marshall received about the CIA’s Pinal Air Park facility may have been the tipping point. Using this location as a backdrop, I will briefly examine potential issues, which may have put him on the hit list.

Pinal Air Park: A Brief Overview

In use since WWII, Pinal (more commonly referred to by locals as Marana) Air Park became the HQ from which the CIA sprang nefarious drug operations into Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. The Pinal/Marana facility is the largest of its kind in the world and was also an important maintenance hub for the CIA planes. (5)

However, with the de-escalation of the Vietnam conflict, Evergreen International Aviation bought out their Intermountain Aviation front in 1975. Indeed, they bought out the entire 2,200-acre facility at Marana. This did not include the lease on the land owned by Pinal County since 1948.

Evergreen was another CIA front company, and it looks like the company that bought them out in 2011 is one as well. Pinal County and Evergreen’s buyout are covered shortly. However, let us kick off with some 9/11 observations Marshall may have been developing. The following issues are hardly comprehensive; hence, it would be great to get your comments and feelings pertaining to Mr. Marshall and his children’s tragic deaths.

1) Modified for Mayhem

Clearly, the CIA/Evergreen covert fleet needed maintenance; moreover, one of the great things about owning a boneyard is the cannibalization of aircraft on the cheap. When combined with skilled technicians able to modify all manner of aircraft anything was possible. Marshall remarked about the odd features seen on the 9/11 planes and how these vehicles could have replaced the designated flights. This and the notion two of the pilots trained at Pinal/Marana certainly made me think.

Nevertheless, it is also rather speculative. With more relevant sourcing, documentation, and better anecdotal evidence, he could have made something out of this. Numerous people have pointed out the odd design of the planes, and others have given different locations where the pilots trained.

2) The More things Change, the More Things Stay the C- I-ame

Pinal County and various companies launched legal proceedings against Evergreen for all manner of business malpractice. While these were not quite of BCCI and Nuggan Hand proportions, the company and its demise is something to look into. (6)

Relativity Capital LP bought Evergreen’s Maintenance Center out and changed the company name to “Marana Aerospace Solutions” (7). Its CEO was a career analyst for the Carlyle Group, while another member of the board worked for those wonderful humanitarians at Cerberus, and another at Citibank (8) (9) (10).

Marshall never appears to have reported on the above and may not have been interested; nevertheless, the link to Citibank may have piqued his interest.

3) Coke, it’s the Real Thing!

It is clear that the agency moved from heroin to cocaine after Vietnam. However, the length of time the CIA has dabbled in Latin American narcotics is debatable. Therefore, let us presume they were playing hide the sausage from the mid ‘70s with weed, and a little coke (hell, they’d already tried acid).

According to Mike Ruppert, in 1979, U.S. cocaine usage was anywhere between 73-80 metric tons, and by the late eighties it was 600 plus. (11)

Documents show Bill Casey and the Reagan administration were making moves on the Sandinistas in 1981, and were gung-ho by early 1982, as were Evergreen maintenance. They signed a 25-year lease with Pinal County in February of that year and stepped up security at the facility.

It is no irony that Citibank had all kinds of troubles with drug money laundering. Moreover, ex-CIA head John Deutsch a one-time director of Citibank became embroiled in the CIA’s direct involvement in the US drug scene (12) (13) This scandal may, or may not have led to the ‘suicides’ of Gary Webb, and ultimately Ruppert himself. (14)

Posthumous Appropriation by Conspirahypocrites

While Phil Marshall was alive, his views on the conspiracy behind 9/11 were rather conservative, and there were some critiques of his work. However, despite the hype about feuding 9/11 factions the LIHOP (Let it Happen on Purpose) and MIHOP (Made it Happen on Purpose) groups, the two co-exist pretty well in serious circles.

However, there were zealots lurking who had they come across Marshall’s work would have denounced him as being a government shill, but have now flocked to his banner like Alex Jones. However, there is even worse than he.

When the notorious “no-planer” Jim Fetzer and his smoother, but equally gormless, minion Kevin Barret began advocating Marshall’s death as murder, I became wary. Marshall for all of his flaws would have avoided the duo like the plague if alive.

I have also seen the remorseless idiocy of their pal John Hankey leap all over the death of Gary Webb (read Ruppert’s take down of this fool in reference 13). These leeches attach themselves to and discredit the memory of deceased, genuine, researchers.

Another reason for the Fetzer/Barrett attraction to Marshall is because his notes and a computer containing work on a forthcoming book went missing/withheld by police. The mystery concerning his writing allows any kook to talk crap about why he died. Fetzer and Barret will likely say Marshall found no evidence of planes at 9/11, and uncovered a vast Jewish conspiracy. Furthermore, if Evergreen were openly involved in weather modification. This could lead chem-trailer’s to champion Marshall having the inside gossip on that issue.

As said earlier, the memory of Marshall for the time being is in okayish hands. Nevertheless, Madsen needs to be wise to the insanity, and lack of integrity some people in the conspirasphere have. Well-reasoned discussion surrounding Marshall’s passing could quickly take an adverse turn into the realms of the ridiculous. The man and his family deserve better than that.


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