CIA financing high-tech companies…


A political analyst says high-tech companies and social networking sites are paid very handsomely by the US spy agencies in exchange for information.

American investigative journalist Wayne Madsen told Press TV that the CIA has worked hand in hand with these companies to control communications.

“Most of these social networking companies actually receive their initial venture capital funding from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),” the analyst said.

The internet giant Google, Microsoft, the software corporation, and social networking websites such as Facebook have received optimum amount of funding from a CIA-linked venture capital firm in recent years, the analyst stated.

The CIA-linked capital firm, located in Silicon Valley of the San Francisco Bay, often funds companies viewed as having the potential to develop capabilities of being used by intelligence communities, he added.

The remarks come as Facebook says the United States government has increased requests to have access to the users’ data on the social networking site.

Facebook said in a post on Tuesday that the number of the requests rose by about a quarter in the first half of 2014 compared with the second half of last year.

Similar reports have been published by other tech and Internet companies including Microsoft and Twitter.

Following revelations by American whistleblower Edward Snowden about mass spying programs by the National Security Agency, various Internet and communications companies are under pressure.

Snowden, a former CIA employee, leaked top secret US government spying programs, under which the NSA and the FBI are eavesdropping on millions of American and European phone records and the Internet data from major Internet companies including Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Apple, and Microsoft.


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