JetBlue may offer snacks made from insects…


Airplane food has long been the least enticing part of a journey, but a new partnership is about to make airline dining options more adventurous.

Manhattan-based food and beverage accelerator and investor AccelFoods announced Wednesday that it has struck a deal with JetBlue, which will showcase AccelFoods-backed startups at exhibits in its Terminal 5 hub at John F. Kennedy Airport through Thursday Oct. 9. The airline will offer samples of those products on selected flight routes starting in 2015.

The idea of food companies and airlines entering into deals is rather common, but this particular pact is made unique by the type of products in which AccelFoods invests. For instance, based on the company’s portfolio, future JetBlue “innovation boxes” could offer travelers a menu of mushroom tea, chia-seed muesli and energy bars made with ground-up crickets.

“Our initiative with JetBlue provides great exposure for the entire AccelFoods portfolio,” AccelFoods Managing Partner Jordan Gaspar said in a statement. It “is a unique opportunity for our brands to engage with consumers in a way that they have never done before.”

Although the exhibit portion of the partnership will end this week, JetBlue has committed to offering a rotating menu of AccelFoods brands in designated boxes that will change on a monthly basis. The boxes will launch in 2015 on some JetBlue flights between JFK and Los Angeles. Whether the cricket bars make the flights remains to be seen.


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