Evidence goes “missing” in Colombia’s intelligence agency wiretapping scandal…


An inspection by agents from Colombia’s investigation unit discovered that evidence was missing from the National Archive in Bogota regarding the wiretapping scandal of Colombia’s former intelligence agency.

The disappearance of the evidence in the wiretapping case against Colombia’s now-defunct intelligence agency, DAS, was confirmed by journalist Claudia Julieta Duque, who claims to have been “psychologically tortured” and harassed by the former agency, Colombia’s Caracol Radio reported on Thursday.

“When the database was handed over, it had 40 modules with information and now there are only three. In that database were two resumes of my harassment conducted by the DAS, and now those archives are gone,” said Duque according to South American news outlet teleSUR.

To date, more than seven former officials of the DAS are under investigation over Duque’s case, according to Caracol.

The evidence that disappeared at Bogota’s National Archive were various physical documents as well as electronic data.

According to Caracol, the lost evidence contained in the DAS’s databases included information on counterintelligence, finances, and a list of suspects.

Colombia is also attempting to extradite the former director of the DAS, Maria del Pilar Hurtado, from Panama for her key role in the scandal. Maria del Pilar Hurtado would be essential in uncovering the depth of the scandal but has eluded authorities thus far.

Colombia’s former intelligence agency, DAS, was dissolved after it was uncovered that the agency had been illegally spying on Supreme Court justices, opposition candidates, human rights defenders, and journalists.

The scandal has implicated former president and senator-elect Alvaro Uribe, directors of the now defunct agency,

and even the United States as being the culprits.


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