Mystery cargo aboard missing plane raises questions…


Questions continue to circle around a mystery shipment that was on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 when it disappeared more than two months ago.

NNR Global Logistics, a Penang-based company that handled some of the cargo, has refused to reveal its contents.

The company admitted that 200kg of lithium-ion batteries formed part of the shipment. But a senior official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Engineering and Technology (E&T) Magazine this formed only part of the consignment, which weighed a total 2,453kg.

He said that NNR Global has been told by its solicitors not to disclose details of the cargo because of the ongoing investigations into the missing aircraft.

E&T says that “what is even more surprising” is that the company that produced the batteries has also not been named.

Neither NNR Global Logistics nor Malaysia Airlines have been willing to identify the manufacturer, saying that it was “highly confidential”.

When questioned, the airline said that the remaining weight was “radio accessories and charges” but this was not documented in the cargo manifest.

The manifest stated only that NNR shipped 133 pieces of one item, weighing a total of 1990kg, and 67 pieces of another item, weighing a total of 463kg.

There were also strict instructions on the manifest that the batteries should be handled with care and that there was a flammability hazard. However, several experts have ruled out the theory that the plane might have caught fire, as it would have struggled to fly on for several hours afterwards.

According to Malaysian newspaper The Star, NNR Global’s base is less than 100m from Penang International Airport. “The complex is guarded by the police and only those with passes are allowed entry,” said the newspaper.

The underwater hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has resumed and will complete a search in a targeted area of the Indian Ocean before handing over to private contractors within the next week.


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