Malaysian plane hijacked by pilot over jailed opposition leader, according to researcher… 

Multiple sources with Asian airlines have told WMR that the pilot of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, hijacked the Boeing 777 on its flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and demanded the release of jailed Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in return for the plane and its crew and passengers. WMR has been told by knowledgeable sources with Malaysian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Korean Airlines, and Asiana Airlines that the Malaysian government refused to negotiate with Zaharie and that pilot kept the plane in flight until it ran out of fuel.

There is some disagreement, however, among Asian airline sources on what caused the Boeing 777 to crash. Some sources believe that Zaharie diverted his plane over the open waters of the Indian Ocean to avoid radar contact and Malaysian chase planes from the Royal Malaysian Air Force. Other sources claim that the Malaysian Air Force intercepted the plane and shot it down somewhere over the Andaman Sea of Indian Ocean.

The hijacking of the aircraft for the purpose of freeing Anwar provides some reasoning behind the Malaysian government’s failure to divulge what it knew about MH-370 in the hours immediately following the time when air traffic controllers first lost contact with the aircraft.

It is known that Zaharie was a fervent supporter of Ibrahim and his People’s Justice Party (PKR). On March 7, Anwar was sentenced by the Kuala Lumpur Court of Appeal to five years in prison, overturning his earlier acquittal on charges that he sodomized his former male aide. Sources claim that Zaharie decided to hijack MH-370 the next day, March 8, and demand Anwar’s release. Zaharie had worked as a poll worker for Anwar’s PKR party in the 2013 general election. In 1999, Anwar was sentenced to six years in prison in another sodomy case. However. his conviction was overturned by the Malaysian Supreme Court and he was released from prison in 2004.

Zaharie was, according to WMR’s sources, incensed over the Kuala Lumpur appellate court’s decision that sent Anwar back to prison and vowed revenge.

WMR has been told that Malaysian Air Force, Defense Ministry, and senior government officials are all aware of the hijacking but that Prime Minister Najib Razak and his United Malay Nationals Organization (UMNO) party have clamped down on any public revelation bout the details of MH-370’s disappearance. On March 26, Najib made a definitive statement to the press that MH-370 crashed in the southern Indian Ocean. There have been various reports of wreckage being spotted in various locations in the area but nothing conclusive has been determined that the objects spotted floating in the water by maritime surveillance aircraft are from the downed Boeing 777.

There is another major reason for Malaysia’s cover-up of MH-370. Malaysian Chinese dominate the nation’s business sector. Many also have close ties with China. If it emerges that the Najib government refused to negotiate with Zaharie over Anwar’s release, thus ensuring the deaths of scores of Chinese nationals along with Malays and other nationals, that would set off ethnic turmoil in Malaysia and create a diplomatic firestorm with China.

The Anwar case has become a cause celebre among George Soros’s network of non-governmental organizations, including those that oppose Malaysia’s long-dominant UMNO government and those that favor homosexual rights. However, the Soros-financed media has been reluctant to report on the Shah hijacking angle because it would link an act of air terrorism to Anwar, a political figure who is supported by many in the international gay rights community. Razak’s predecessor, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed, accused Soros of being behind the 1997 crash of East Asian markets, which caused the devaluation of the Malaysian ringgit and Thai baht. Mahathir also said Soros’s attack on East Asian markets was part of a wider agenda of Jewish bankers. Mahathir later retracted his comments.

However, the claims about Soros by Mahathir continue to dominate Malaysia’s distrust of Soros’s organizations. Najib, the political heir of Mahathir, believes that Anwar represents a threat to the established UMNO political order in Malaysia. Therefore, Najib and his ministers have a policy of no negotiation with opposition leaders, especially those involving a aircraft hijacking operation.


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