U.S. lawmakers pushing for billions in “missile defense” system…

Via: http://www.infowars.com/lawmakers-push-for-billions-to-pay-for-questionable-missile-defense-system/

Detroit may go down the tubes and millions of unemployed may have their redistributed benefits slashed, but the warfare state and the military-industrial complex are doing just fine.

The Senate and the House Armed Services committees have agreed to jack up spending on a highly questionable missile defense system by $358 million to $9.5 billion. In addition, the lawmakers want a “homeland defense radar” and are proposing to shower Israel with more money.

The usual threats are cited to stampeded a vote, including supposed missile threats from North Korea and Iran.

Although rocket experts say Iran’s missiles are at best a regional threat, Israel has insisted they threaten the United States.

Last February Moshe Yaalon, Israeli deputy prime minister and minister for strategic affairs, said Iran’s missiles are “aimed at America, not at us.”

Iran’s missiles are believed to have a range of 1,200 miles. The United States defines long-range or intercontinental ballistic missiles as having ranges greater than 3,400 miles. The United States is 6,200 miles from Iran.

North Korea has manufactured short and medium range missiles, according to experts, but has yet to successfully test a long-range missile or ICBM. Moreover, it is believed the communist state has yet to develop the capabilities required to miniaturize a nuclear device for missile delivery.

If the defense bill is passed hundreds of millions of dollars will be doled out to two of the largest welfare recipients on the planet – Boeing and Raytheon – to build Israel’s missile defense system.

Since Israel was formed in 1948, it has received $233.7 billion from American taxpayers. In addition, the tiny Middle Eastern nation has received around $10 billion in loan guarantees.

In June, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said the United States should stop handing out billions every year in foreign aid. The proposal set off alarm bells in Israel, the largest recipient of U.S. largess.

Israel and the United States insist Hezbollah and Syria present threats significant enough to require American taxpayers to fork over more hard-earned dollars and sock their children and their children’s children into debt for decades to come.

Congress also wants to put pressure on Turkey to accept missile defense deals proposed by U.S. and European defense corporations over their Chinese counterparts.

U.S. and NATO officialdom are concerned the Chinese will be allowed to compete in a market established when the national security state created the Cold War nuclear threat that resulted in trillions of dollars of profits for the military-industrial complex.

Others insist the proposed deals are part of a plan to encircle China.

Committee leaders expect their fellow members of Congress to vote on the bloated package by the end of the year.


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