Mossad-CIA feud over Guinea mine and slush fund…


U.S. intelligence sources have revealed to WMR that a feud between multi-billionaire proxies for the Central Intelligence Agency and Israel’s Mossad has gotten so serious some believe that it could develop into a full-blown shooting war involving the mutual targeting of CIA and Mossad agents for assassination.

The feud began when agents of influence for hedge fund tycoon George Soros began investigating the activities of Israeli mining multi-billionaire Beny Steinmetz in the West African nation of Guinea. Steinmetz, one of Israel’s wealthiest men and who is believed to carry out special assignments for the Mossad, struck a lucrative deal with Guinea in 2008 to exploit the Simandou iron mine, which contains what is believed to be the largest iron ore deposit in the world.

The deal between Steinmetz’s BSG Resources (BSRG) and Guinea’s President Alpha Condé saw Steinmetz invest$165 million in the deal. However, when BSRG struck a deal in April 2010 that saw the Brazilian mining firm Vale pick up 51 percent of the Simandou concession for a cool $2.5 billion, the CIA and Soros realized that Steinmetz had profited nicely from his Guinea deal. 

U.S. intelligence sources began leaking to the African press details of an alleged bribe paid by BRSG to Condé’s government. At the same time, Soros’s operatives in the “transparency” NGO community ensured that law enforcement circles in the United States, United Kingdom, and Switzerland received further details of Steinmetz’s deals with Guinea. 

The CIA convinced Condé that the Israelis had defrauded him and offered Guinea only a fraction of the actual worth of the Simandou mine. The message was clear: the Israelis swindled Condé. Condé demanded the joint mining firm established between BSRG and Vale, VBG, double Guinea’s royalties in the venture.

Condé, concerned about BSRG’s links to Mossad, barred BSRG’s president, Asher Avidan, an Israeli national, from entering Guinea. Guinea cited “national security” concerns as the reason. 

Condé agreed to give the green light to the CIA and the Soros operatives, the latter who operate out of New York City and maintain regular contact with their bosses at the CIA headquarters in Langley, went to work. This past summer, the United Kingdom’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in London opened an investigation of the BSRG Guinean deal. The SFO also pressured the Financial Investigation Unit of Guernsey, where BSRG had established its headquarters, to open an investigation of the firm. Condé arrested two BSRG employees in Guinea. Meanwhile, the FBI arrested BSRG’s representative in the United States. Frederic Cilins was arrested by the FBI in Jacksonville, Florida before he could begin destroying several BSRG documents proving that Steinmetz had paid bribes to Guinean officials in violation of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The FBI reportedly used a cooperating witness (CW) to help “sting” Cilins. The informant was Mamadie Touré, the widow of Guinean president Lansana Conté, who died in 2008, the same year Steinmetz struck the Simandou deal with Guinea. Conté had reneged on the concession he previously granted the large UK-Australian mining firm Rio Tinto to exploit Simandou and re-awarded the concession to Steinmetz. 

Mamadie Touré was a valuable catch for the FBI. In 2005, she inked a deal with a British Virgin Islands offshore firm called Pentler Holdings that guaranteed Mrs. Tourê millions of dollars in fees in return for her helping BSRG receive the concession for Simandou. Pentler Holdings included Cilins and two others, Lev Ran and Michael Noy. Through Pentler, they had a %17.65 stake in BSRG Guinea and stood to make a fortune from the iron ore extraction.

In September, Swiss and French police raided the Geneva and nearby French offices of Onyx, Ltd., a London-based company, whose director, Sandra Merloni-Horemans, signed the incorporation papers for Pentler Holdings of the British Virgin Islands.

At the same time Cilins was being arrested in Florida, Steinmetz sued Mark Malloch-Brown, a former deputy Secretary General of the UN, and his public relations firm, FTI Consulting, for conducting a smear campaign against Steinmetz and BSRG. In fact, London was a major base for the CIA/Soros operation against Steinmetz because the city is the home to a number of human rights, “good governance/civil society,” and business transparency NGOs financed by Soros, some funded on behalf of the CIA.

Working behind the scenes with the CIA, Soros had jealously eyed the value of Simandou and decided to wrest control of the mine from Steinmetz, using his influence in both global NGOs and Guinean “civil society” operations. One of the NGOs that criticized BSRG and the Guinean deal was the London-based and Soros-supported NGO Global Witness. Steinmetz merely added Global Witness to his list of those he was suing.

In his court filing, Steinmetz alleged:

“The disclosures from FTI showed that Lord Malloch-Brown disclosed purported information about Mr Steinmetz and companies associated with him to Mr Soros and entities associated with him. Mr Steinmetz believes, based on the disclosures from FTI that Global Witness holds disclosable information about him. Mr Steinmetz has lodged a complaint to the UK Information Commissioner against Global Witness. Mr Steinmetz believes that leaks from FTI at a time when it was advising Steinmetz-related companies, helped Mr Soros in his campaign against Steinmetz business interests.”

Vale, fearful for its own reputation, put its operations on hold after the international crackdown on BSRG. But Steinmetz was not about to go quietly.

In September, Guinea arrested four Israeli mercenaries for attempting to overthrow Condé’s government. In retaliation for Condé cooperating with the CIA and Soros to strip him of his mine concession, Steinmetz, according to our intelligence sources, convinced Mossad and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government to authorize a “false flag” operation, for which Mossad specializes, against Guinea. Commensurate with the Guinean parliamentary election, Mossad agents planned to pay members of the Guinean opposition and the anti-Condé Fula tribe to commit acts of terrorism. The election violence would force Guinean security and police, where Mossad has its “assets” in place, to launch a bloody crackdown. Mossad believed that in the midst of election violence, its assets in the Guinean military and police could successfully declare a state of national emergency and oust Condé and his government, replacing it with Israeli loyalists. It should be noted that 85 percent of Guineans are Muslims.

It was later discovered that Guinea arrested the Israelis based on tips received from the CIA and the French Direction Generale de la Securite Exterieure (DGSE) foreign intelligence service. The CIA and DGSE intelligence stated that Mossad had hired Israeli, French, and South African mercenaries to launch false flag attacks in preparation for a military coup.

With the Mossad coup unsuccessful, Condé’s Rally of the Guinean People (RPG) party won the September election. Soros’s NGOs that served as election monitors were rather muted in their criticism of the election. However, many members of the opposition said the voting and vote counting were rife with fraud and irregularities. 

What has the surrogates and agents for the CIA and Mossad ready to go to war is the alleged seizure by the CIA and Soros activities of a BSRG-directed slush fund said to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. As part of the international investigation of BSRG, certain accounts in off-shore banks containing revenue from the fund have been seized by the CIA and re-allocated for “other purposes.” This has sent Mossad literally through the roof and it has, according to our sources, promised to exact revenge on certain Soros operatives in New York who were behind the original investigation of BSRG in Guinea. The Mossad “hit” put out on one of these individuals, a New York attorney who works for both Soros and the CIA, has been confirmed by a knowledgeable source.

The friction between the Mossad and the CIA resulted in Netanyahu bringing up the U.S. investigation of Steinmetz at his September 30 meeting with Barack Obama at the White House. Apparently, Obama listened politely but he has not told either the CIA or the FBI to back down in their aggressive pursuit of BSRG and those who planned the coup in Guinea.


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