CIA-Bohemian Grove ties confirmed…


The Bohemian Grove, the forested location north of San Francisco that annually witnesses an “encampment” of over 2500 of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful men frolicking in the woods amid taking part in pagan religious ceremonies, including the highlight “Cremation of Care,” and homoerotic dramatic performances, has been long rumored to have connections to the Central Intelligence Agency. WMR has uncovered documents from CIA archives that show that two past directors of the CIA — William Casey and William Webster — participated in Bohemian Grove events.

The only other CIA director who is known to have participated in a number of the Bohemian Club’s annual Grove meetings is George H. W. Bush. Richard Nixon is known to have attended at least one Bohemian Grove get-together, in 1967. Nixon’s White House tapes quote the president as saying about the Bohemian Grove that it is “the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine.”

The Bohemian Club was founded during the late 1800s by a number of San Francisco notables, including many members of the San Francisco press, including Mark Twain, Jack London, and Ambrose Bierce. It is no coincidence that the Bohemian Club’s symbols of the pagan owl-God Moloch, a twisted cane, and a lamp found their way into the logo of the National Press Club in Washington. In fact, the oldest members of the National Press Club are known as “Owls.”

Although a 1993 report by the House of Representatives’ October Surprise Task Force contained a document from the Bohemian Grove showing that Casey participated in the 1981 conclave, in addition to one in 1980 before he became CIA director, the documents obtained by WMR are the first CIA evidence that Casey, in addition to Webster, participated in Bohemian Grove activities while they were CIA directors.

The House Task Force was investigating Casey’s claims that he could not have participated in a July 1980 meeting in Madrid because he was at the Bohemian Grove in California at the time the meeting in Madrid took place. Casey, who was Ronald Reagan’s campaign manager, reportedly met with representatives of Ayatollah Khomeini’s government in Iran to ensure that no American hostages held at the U.S. embassy in Tehran were released prior to the November 1980 election, thus preventing President Jimmy Carter from basking in a pre-election poll bounce from a hostage release.

Bohemian Grove meetings count among their participants a number of chief executives of America’s top defense contractors. A 16-21 July 1981 schedule for Casey from the CIA files states:

“DCI attended the Bohemian Grove and visited various contractor facilities (Lockheed Missile & Space Center, TRW, Electromagnetic Systems Laboratory, and Hughes Aircraft Company).”

All of the above companies maintained facilities in the south San Francisco Bay Area at the time of Casey’s visit.

Many officials who attend the annual Bohemian Grove, perhaps due to Nixon’s referring to the group as “faggy” or because of the pagan overtones of the encampment, choose to mask their attendance with other “official business” in the Bay Area. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key dodged questions from the Kiwi press during his July 19-20, 2011 visit to San Francisco about whether he was attending the Bohemian Grove being held at the same time.

William Webster’s remarks to the Bohemian Grove are contained in a September 8, 1988 memo about Webster’s “draft remarks for Bohemian Grove — about a military band leader calling the Agency for the score of an African national anthem.”

Jokes about Africa and Africans are all the rage at the Bohemian Grove since most of the attendees are uber-wealthy white men.


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