Kyrgyzstan’s ousted government’s Russian-Israeli mob links…

Kyrgyzstan’s ousted government’s Russian-Israeli mob links
publication date: Apr 29, 2010

After his father Kurmanbek Bakiyev was ousted as president in a popular uprising in Kyrgyzstan, Maxim Bakiyev hightailed it for Latvia, where his business partner, Valeri Belakon, co-owns Belaton Manas Bank, along with Maxim.

In many ways, Latvia has become a favorite locale for Russian-Israeli mobsters who continue to cause financial and political problems within the sphere of the former Soviet Union. Although Kyrgyzstan is a primarily Muslim country and Maxim Bakiyev is a Muslim, Valeri Belaton’s business partner in Belakon Holdings is former chairman of the Latvian Jewish community, Grigori Krupnikov. Belakon is also reportedly linked to George Soros’s Quantum activities.

During the Bakiyev regime, Maxim was the head of the State Development and Innovation Agency, which directed the privatization of state sectors of the economy.

Belakon co-owns with Maxim Bakiyev, Blackpool (UK) football club, which is believed by law enforcement to operate as a money laundering operation. Belakon also owns Baltic International Bank, which saw its credit downgraded in June 2009 by Moody’s. After fleeing Kyrgyzstan for Kazakhstan, there were rumors that Kurmanbek Bakiyev might join his son in Latvia. However, the elder Bakiyev ended up in Minsk, the Belarusian capital.

Before heading to Riga, Maxim was due to attend an economic investment conference in Washington, DC on April 8, co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Kyrgyz-North America Trade Council. However, the uprising in Bishkek changed Bakiyev’s plans. WMR has learned that the Kyrgyz-US seminar was a mere cover designed to mask Maxim Bakiyev’s meetings with top CIA officials to explain the entire Italian-Russian mafia operation, the popular Kyrgyz outrage over which, led to the U.S. airbase at Manas being put into jeopardy.

Maxim is tied to Belakon through a number of Latvian companies, including half owner (along with Belakon) of Maval aktivi, LLC; sole owner of Who Is Who LLC, which Bakiyev bought from Belakon; and deputy chairman of Kimmels Riga, LLC, which is owned by Belakon.

It appears that after they ousted Kyrgyz President Askar Akayev from power in the Soros-inspired “Tulip Revolution” of 2005, the Bakiyev clan set out to open up Kyrgyzstan for an influx of Russian Jewish mafiosi who were intent on reaping huge profits from the privatization of Kyrgyz state enterprises, including Kyrgyztelecom and the electrical power supply company Severelectro.

Belakon and Kyrgyzstan’s Jewish community are closely linked to the dodgy Chabad-Lubavitch movement, which uses a network of Chabad Houses around the world for illicit activities, including drug and weapons smuggling. After Bakiyev’s ouster in Bishkek, the Chabad-Lubavitch synagogue in Bishkek was firebombed and posters appeared throughout Bishkek that read: “Dirty Jews and all those like Maxim Bakiyev have no place in Kyrgyzstan.”

The new Kyrgyz government points to the connection of Maxim Bakiyev’s financial adviser, U.S. citizen Eugene Gourevitch, the director of MGN Capital, and an Italian probe into the siphoning off by Gourevitch and his friends of $2.7 billion from divisions of Telecom Italia SpA and Fastweb SpA from 2003 to 2006. It was also MGN Capital that advised the Kyrgyz government on the privatization and sale of Kyrgyztelecom and Severelectro. Maxim appointed Gourevitch, a Russian-born American Jew, to run the Kyrgyz Development Fund.

Gourevitch also served on the boards of Manas International Airport, where the United States maintains the Manas Transit Center for U.S. troops and logistics, and Electricheskie Stancii, the Kyrgyz state electricity production monopoly.

Gourevitch was implicated in a money laundering scandal involving Asiauniversalbank (AUB), run by Mikhail Nadel. Serving on AUB’s board undet its chairman, Nadel, were two former U.S. senators, Bob Dole (R-KS) and J. Bennett Johnston (D-LA). In addition, it was discovered that Gourevitch had contributed to the failed U.S. Senate re-election campaign of Elizabeth, Dole’s wife. The donations to Mrs. Dole were made by Gourevitch’s Virage Consulting Ltd. of Long Island City, New York. Gourevitch also served on the board of AUB.

MGN Capital was also heavily involved in the corrupt Vancouver Stock Exchange and Kyrgyz gold shares, particularly those of Centerra Gold, which operates in Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Turkey, Russia, and the United States.

After the recent Kyrgyz uprising, Gourevitch was arrested in Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan. The Kazakhs were operating pursuant to an arrest warrant issued by Kyrgyzstan’s new government. Gourevitch also has an Italian arrest warrant hanging over his head after his conviction in Italy in March of this year for March 2010 for ties with criminal syndicates and involvement in the fraud involving Telecom Italia and Fastweb. On April 12, the Kyrgyz police also arrested Vugar Khalilov, the CEO of Flexi Communication and Gourevitch’s representative in Bishkek who is also a UK citizen. It is noteworthy that Kyrgyzstan’s National Security Service picked Khalilov up just after he had a meeting with David Moran, the British ambassador to Kyrgyzstan. Khalilov maintains he worked for 20 years for the BBC and Radio Liberty, the latter’s operations now overseen by Soros.

Before the fall of the Bakiyev regime, journalists and websites that attempted to investigate Gourevitch came under heavy assault. Last December, a prominent Kyrgyz investigative journalist was murdered and the Bakiyev regime tried to block access to websites reporting on Gourevitch’s trial in Italy. The Italian prosecutors revealed details about Gourevitch’s links to the Bakiyevs and the Kyrgyz government. Arrest warrants in the affair were also issued by Italian authorities for individuals in the U.S. U.K., and Luxembourg.

Gourevitch set up two brass plate companies to launder money from the Italian fraud, Planetarium Srl and Global Phone Network Srl. These companies then laundered the money through Vienna, Austria bank accounts established by Gourevitch. Two other Gourevitch firms, Wolstin Ltd and Crown Era Investments Ltd., were reportedly involved with money laundering for cigarette and drug smuggling. Gourevitch was also the CEO of a New York hedge fund called Gamma Square Partners and a director of an “offshore” software company called GSN Tech LLC. Gourevitch also was a senior vice president of Investment Bank of Africa.

One of Gourevitch’s Italian associates is Gennaro Mokbel, an Egpytian-Italian who was allegedly involved in the 1980 “Gladio” bombing of the train station in Bologna, as well as smuggling blood diamonds from Africa. Mokbel and Gourevitch were also able to invest in the Milan firm Ikon Srl, which makes a sophisticated web surveillance program used to track terrorist cells and child pornographers. Chabad Houses are beginning to expand in central Africa, the source for most of the conflict diamonds in the world today. Chabad of Central Africa, based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, is expanding the Chabad presence in the DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, and Gabon.

Mokbel is a major supporter of far-right wing Italian political parties. Mokbel laundered his ill-gotten gains from the Italian telecommunication fraud through his firm Broker Management of Panama, run by its titular head Augusto Morri, who is said to have worked from a yacht off the Venezuelan coast.

Implicated in the Mokbel-Gourevitch scandal is Italian Senator Nicola Di Girolamo,a member of the People of Freedom Party of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

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